Carbohydrates represent an interesting resource as they are very available, renewable, complex and chiral molecules. Our projects concern the use of various sugars as starting materials towards chemical intermediates (synthons), functional molecules (monomers, surfactants) or organocatalysts. These projects require both a methodological and fundamental approach focused on selectivity and reactivity issues, as well as on the media which can be used, and the understanding of structure- property relationships. Same strategies can also relate to targets of biological relevance. The projects are built in the frame of collaborations with industrial partners (such as Solvay, ITERG…), other academic laboratories specialized in polymers (Lyon, Bordeaux…), catalysis (Lyon, Poitiers…), physical chemistry (York, Lille…). The team has recognized competences in carbohydrate chemistry through its scientific production, its international relationships (UK, China, Portugal…), its expertise and evaluation activities, meetings organization (such as the French Chinese Conferences in Green Chemistry) and edition duties.

The team COB is strongly involved at the chemistry-biology interface, through three types of projects :

1) methodological explorations at the synthetic and physico-chemical level (built on our competences in carbohydrate, lipid and heterocyclic chemistry),

2) the rational design of biologically active molecules (with antibacterial, pesticide, rodenticide activities), within collaborations with several biology labs, notably those belonging to the Biosciences department of INSA Lyon, but also Vet Agro Sup in Lyon, the ISV and LEBS labs in Gif sur Yvette, the University of Santiago in Chile, and in some cases, industrial partners.